We will return to in-person rehearsals on March 1, 2022, at St Andrew United Church of Christ – until continue to join in via Twitch or Zoom!

Our wonderful Artistic Director, Chris Romeo, has created a channel on Twitch TV:  DiversityADRomeo. 

Simply create your own account on Twitch TV which will enable you to access his channel. You’ll be able to participate (in total privacy!) while he’s live on Tuesday nights – we can also ask questions using the chat function – and you are also able to watch the produced programs later. Create your Twitch TV account here!

Check Chorus Connection to access the recurring Zoom meeting.

He has also said we can invite family and friends to participate as well.  Free voice and music language lessons for each of us!

If you really want to enjoy this – put a mirror in front of you to watch yourself and, if you’re really brave, record it!

There are all sorts of things that we can do to maintain our singing skills besides listening to our rehearsal CD’s and studying our words.

Chris had also prepared some Learning Through Diversity videos to help us develop our technical skills:

What is a proper breath for singers:  LTD # 1

Coordinating the Intercostal Muscles: LTD # 2