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Beautiful and Responsive

A design that gets noticed with clean, organized content at it’s core and a responsive structure adapting to any device. From mobile to desktop your site will always look amazing.

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Powerful Menus with UberMenu!

Integrated with the #1 mega menu plugin, UberMenu, for a dynamic navigation experience. We’ve worked directly with SevenSpark, the menu master himself, to create the best theme menus anywhere.

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Build Content with Visual Composer

Enhance your layout and easily build content with Visual Composer. With an intuitive drag and drop interface for generating content, images, icons and more. Break free of the limitations in other themes and build your website, your way.


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Beautiful Content Sliders with Slider Revolution!

Featuring the top WordPress plugin, Slider Revolution, you can build amazing layered slide shows. Engage your visitors and catch their attention. Add a slider to any page, post… even the home page!


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Infinite Style Possibilities

Apply unlimited color options, layouts and styles using Incentive. The theme has been specially designed to be personalized just for you. Incentive has everything you need and more for your custom website.

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Contact Form Builder

Make custom contact forms with the fields you choose. Create as many as your site needs, each being different or use the same form many times. There’s even a built in CAPTCHA for blocking spam.

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Dynamic Layout Manager

Custom layouts, sidebars, headers and footers anywhere on your site. Build your website the way you want with the drag and drop layout manager.  Set your column widths, select content sources, apply custom skins and much more. It’s easy to use and let’s you build your own layouts quickly without editing any files.

Mix and match headers and footers with any layout or create something custom. Easy to manage and granular control over the complete site. You can update entire sections with a singe change or apply new layouts to a category or other area with a click of the mouse.

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Post Formats for Blogs and Portfolios

Select your post format using the custom interface with specialized fields for different media. Use images, galleries for slide shows, audio files, self-hosted video, YouTube, Vimeo, Links and Quotes. Each format has a custom styled blog post to feature the selected media.

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Admin Screen Shots