Now that you are in the “Membership” section (via the simple password), you will need to register on the Diversity site in order to use the Forums.  You only need to register ONCE.

Screenshots are included below.

Please visit the following link –

You will see a login screen, if you have not already registered, visit the registration link to register (as seen in the image below next to the green arrow)


You will see a similar screen which will ask for your preferred username and email address (so that a system password can be sent to you).


Once you have chosen a username and your preferred email address, you will see the following confirmation screen:


You will receive an email with your new password (they are cryptic and can be changed by using the “Lost your password” function located on the login screen.)  The subject line of the email is as follows:

[Diversity: The Voices of Sarasota] Your username and password

The email will contain your information – the username you chose and your password.  The password can be changed by going to the login screen and using the “Lost your password” Function.

Username: YourUserName
Password: MTe41QOz0Z8f

Check your SPAM folder for this email if you don’t receive it within an hour.

For any questions or problems, contact the Website Admin

Link to the Membership Forums