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Diversity FAQs

1. Who is Diversity: The Voices of Sarasota?   

We are Sarasota’s only LGBTQ+ all welcoming chorus.

2. How long has Diversity been in existence?   

Founded in 1997, Diversity will celebrate 25 years in September 2022.

3. I’m not a great singer, can I still join?   

Yes, you will have to meet with our director and be able to match pitch. Any past singing experience is very helpful.

4. I’m a good (very good) singer, what else is available to me?   

Diversity has a small ensemble called Encore which is an auditioned group. In addition to singing in the chorus, you can be challenged with the music of Encore. The ensemble performs concerts and at special events.


5. Do I have to know how to read music?  

No, reading music is not necessary, but it’s helpful.

6. What does joining the chorus mean?

-You will have to regularly attend rehearsals and practice the music on your own between rehearsals.

-Diversity provides all music and learning tracks to assist you with learning the music.

-Participate in an average of 3 performances and special events like Pride and World Aids Day per year.

-Pay 2 semester dues @ $75.00. Scholarships are available for those singers unable to.


7. What about the COVID virus?

We require each singer to show proof of vaccination and booster before joining.


8. When are rehearsals?

Tuesday evenings from 7pm – 9pm.

Our Fall session begins in early September and our Spring session in mid December / early January. You can check our website for exact date


9. Where are rehearsals held?

Faith Lutheran Church - ELCA

7750 S. Beneva Road

Sarasota, FL 34238


10. I don’t sing, can I still join to be involved?

Yes, we are always looking for folks to help with our performances, awareness raising and community outreach.

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