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 GALA Choruses and Festivals

GALA Festival 2024,  July 10 - 14, 2024


Every four years GALA Choruses celebrate with a Festival where more than 6,000 diverse singers from over 100 choruses and ensembles from around the world perform. In 2024, this celebration is taking place in downtown Minneapolis.

This GALA Festival will be broadcasting via livestream to bring the music of Festival in full HD video and fully mastered stereo.  You can purhase a GALA Festival 2024 Live-Stream Pass for $35 and you will have the experience of being in the front row seat for every performance. All Coffee Concerts, Concert Blocks, Ensemble Performances, and Blockbusters will be streamed.



Diversity:  The Voices of Sarasota is going to the GALA !

During the festival, we will have the incredible opportunity to perform for an audience of thousands and connect with choral groups from around the world. This unique experience is more than just a performance; it's a chance to be surrounded by a global community, all in tune with their inner selves. This shared passion and camaraderie will not only inspire our singers but also create indelible memories. It's a meaningful and supportive journey, where every note sung resonates with the heart and soul of our collective purpose.

How you can help

Your sponsorship will help cover costs like travel, accommodations, and registration fees, all of which add up for our organization. As a sponsor, you will be directly contributing to our mission of creating a more inclusive and unified community through music.

(1)  One way to help is to donate online to our general fund  "Support Diversity Chorus at GALA Fund": 

(2) A second way to help is to sponsor a particular Diversity individual go to GALA.  To donate online to the individual singer fund, "Support an individual Singer at GALA Fund":



Past Festivals:

1983 New York
1986 Minneapolis
1989 Seattle
1992 Denver
1996 Tampa
2000 San Jose
2004 Montreal

2008 Miami
2012 Denver
2016 Denver

Gala Choruses

Founded in 1982 by fourteen choruses, GALA Choruses has become the leading international association of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and allied choruses. The mission of GALA Choruses is to inspire and strengthen member choruses to change their worlds through song. 

By fostering the artistic and organizational development of member choruses through a wide variety of programs and services, GALA Choruses produces choral festivals, educational conferences, and several publications.

They engage in advocacy, provide grants for the commissioning of new choral works, facilitate networking within the Association, and serve as a resource center for choruses and individual associates from around the world.

For more information about GALA Choruses and its programs, call 412-999-4489 or visit GALA Choruses at

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